Manufacturer of thermoforming molds

RH Corporative International, It has a team of engineers, designers and technicians who are experts in the design and manufacture of aluminum molds for thermoforming. We have the necessary technology to carry out both the 3D design work and its preliminary printing before taking the step to the creation of a definitive thermoformed mold in CNC machining centers, in order to offer its thermoforming the best of qualities.

Likewise, our facilities have their own laboratory where they can carry out dielectric tests, traction, breakage, tearing, impact, flame resistance or environmental aging with the application of UVA rays, thermal changes and water.

Although RH Corporative International is not approved for certification, our internal tests will be able to provide valuable information about your finished products before you have to carry out the already known, expensive, certified tests if needed.

Aluminum thermoforming molds

On the market there are three main materials with which thermoforming molds can be made: Aluminum, wood and resin. Undoubtedly aluminum thermoforming molds are the most recommended, and those that will be able to offer you a better quality.

One of the great advantages of aluminum thermoforming molds is that it allows us to make thermoforming cleaner, allowing an almost crystalline product.

In addition, its finish will prevent damage to the product when it comes to demolding, a task that will be done in a simpler way.

It is a mold that can be used mechanically in a simpler way and has great resistance over time.

Our team has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of aluminum molds for thermoforming, and will be able to help you and guide you in all your doubts.

What is our process like for the manufacture of thermoforming molds?


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