RH Corporative International was born on 2005 due to the request of very demanding international brands looking for partners which to join and get commun goals and strategies with , and with the only aim of being introduced and recognized into the  spanish market to cover and satify the requests of our customer dedicated to  the engineering, energy distribution and transmition, industrial and railway market and segments.

RH Corporative International carefully selects all the brands that make up and are integrated into the group, ensuring that they meet the quality requirements both in terms of product and service that our clients demand.

The markets served by RH Corporative International and its partners, demand a high level of technical, documental and in field services. Thanks to or technical staff background and our partners help, we can meet all our customer needs and expectation in all the aspects.

The targets with ours partners and customs are:

Growing in knowledge

Current need product and developments

Sharing experiences

Offer integral solution