protección para avifauna


Manufacturer of protections for birdlife

RH Corporative International one of the main objectives is to achieve a future for all, a better and more sustainable future both socially, economically and, of no, environmentally. Therefore, among other things we manufacture protections for avifauna and also carry out processes and protocols respectful of nature and the environment.

As a company committed to the flora and fauna that surrounds us one of the species that concerns us the most are birds, since we know the risk and dangers to which they are exposed when it comes to medium and high voltage keys, so we work every day so that they can live in a safer environment.

We do this by developing specific patented systems to protect birds from the danger of electrocution with high and medium voltage cables. Our team of engineers, designers and technicians have extensive experience in the manufacture and development of bird protections, we have been dedicated for 15 years to contribute safely to the protection of birds.

Safety and quality are our priority.

All our protectors and products are made of high quality thermoplastic material, high dielectric insulation capacity and maximum resistance to inclement weather.

They are easy to install thanks to their quick clip closures, because each product manufactured by us is designed with the added object of facilitating assembly and installation in cases of stress work. To do this, we have a whole range of suitable tools and tools that facilitate such assembly.

Throughout our range of protectors, versatility has been taken into account for different stress levels according to thicknesses, thus being able to give solutions more adjusted to the requirements of each project until reaching insulation levels up to 72kV

I+D+i, continued investment in the future.

All our protectors are tested in our own laboratories carrying out routine tests and traceability of materials in compliance with our strictest internal quality control processes. To this, we add that all meet the quality standards tested according to the standards:

Mechanical properties UNE EN 60811-501

UNE-EN ISO 868 y UNE-HD 605

Flammability UNE-EN 60695-2-11

Dielectric rigidity UNE EN 60243-1

Applied voltage IEEE C37.20.2

Ozone resistance UNE-EN 60811-403

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