moldes para inyección
moldes para inyección


Manufacturer of injection molds

RH Corporative International It has a team of engineers, designers and technicians who are experts in the design and manufacture of injection molds. These types of molds require a great deal of technical knowledge and experience to be able to offer the customer a unique project.

At RH Corporative International we work to be able to offer ad-hoc solutions to our customers during the process of designing and manufacturing molds for Injection, guiding at home technical process to make the best choices.

We have the necessary technology to make the manufacture of molds that allow the injection, guaranteeing high quality standards.

In the process of making injection molds we have a previous phase in which we analyze the customer’s requirements in order to efficiently meet their specific needs.

In a second phase our specialized team of engineers takes care of the complete design process and technical specifications of the manufacturing process.

Finally, the process of manufacturing the injection mold with machines that meet the optimal requirements to perform this task in a controlled manner is carried out and then perform the final assembly.

What is our process like for the manufacture of injection molds?


Engineering and design



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