Fixed and Mobile interconnection units LV, MV and HV

The R&H mobile units have been designed to act as a connection extension cable between a live point and another point in need of power supply, thus acting as a bridge for transporting the electrical flow between two points in both low and medium voltage networks.

Its main application will be focused on applications in the event of breakdowns, maintenance situations or power supply to mobile work units, where it is necessary to supply circuits with no flow from a distant auxiliary point. This will allow us to transport energy from one point to another, for example, from a transformer to a line with a faulty transformer or under maintenance, from a transformation centre to another centre to another transformer or another circuit, from a generator to a circuit or mobile machinery, from a substation to a centre or vice versa or low-voltage energy supplies for powering electrical panels.

At R&H we design and adapt the mobile units to the client’s needs, issuing the corresponding test and quality certificates for each unit before it is delivered.

Unidad móvil para media tensión UMI-MT

Medium voltage mobile unit UMI-MT

Unidad móvil para baja tensión UMI-BT

Low voltage mobile unit UMI-BT