We protect the planet with all our energy.

Planet Life

 In RH Corporative International are aware that all what we do leave a mark in the society as well as in the planet where we live. Because of this, we are committed to the care, protection and environmental conservation with all our energy, because only by taking care of it will be taking care of ourselves.

A commitment in between
International R&H and the planet.

Hi, my name is Avelino.

Let us introduce you to Avelino. Our RH Corporative International ambassador for all what is about environmental care.

Avelino is a stork, and as a great wingspan bird, he is aware about the dangers which all his family and specie are exposed to due to electrical overhead line networks.

That is why Avelino better that anyone, represent the voice and the image of our more respectful side with the flora and fauna ( birdlife) of the planet.

Avelino is happy because he knows that thanks to RH Corporative International products, he and his are saved.

Our commitment

This means that we are a Company commited with the enviromental care.
Commited with the flora, fauna and of course, with people.

A better world

Because we know that only by taking
care of our environment,
we will get a better world for everyone.

We will spare
no effort or energy.